an all-too-real father and son story

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Fatherhood, Restoration

Every man I know has a “dad story.” Every man I know has been impacted by their dad for good or bad. Recently, a good friend posted this to Facebook:

A story about rejection and healing

A man was driving to work one day when he got a call from his mother. The man was so happy that she called because he was so troubled about his life. The mother told him a story that he would never forget…

She said, “I remember when you were 10-years-old. You wanted to have a connection with your father who abandoned you so badly you felt the need to try to contact him.”The mother found a phone number for the boy’s father at his place of work, and so she called him while the boy stood by waiting for the moment to finally speak with his father.

A lady in the office answered the phone, and the mother explained that the boy’s father worked there and that the boy wanted to speak with his father. The lady at the office was so excited and touched by the story and said she would get him on the phone for the child. The mother handed the phone over to the boy.

He sat waiting with anticipation for the moment to hear his father’s voice. Fifteen minutes went by. Then 30. And then an hour with still no answer.The boy waited by the phone for three hours, until finally the mother told him his father was not going to speak to him and it would be best to hang up the phone.

The boy looked up at his mother with tears in eyes and said, “I am just no good. I’m not good enough.”

The mother cried with her child, and for a time the call was forgotten about. The mother prayed for years that the rejection would not take over the boy’s life. When the mother finished telling her son the story they both cried and prayed together for the rejection to be gone.

I don’t know if you’re dealing with this in your life, but there is freedom and healing for you. The root of rejection stole so much from me in my own life and the pain has been great, but God is restoring my life.

Dads and/or future dads, let’s take hold of the mantle of fatherhood today. Don’t leave your children hanging on the other end of the line for even one minute. That rejection formed my friend into a bitter, angry, approval-seeking man. Your words, or lack of words, have power.

  1. Pat Palmer says:

    It gives me hope when a new generation sincerely tries to change the unfortunate patterns of his own parents. Keep on keeping on!

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