Beta – June 29, 2012

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Beta, Fun, Video

Since this is a new blog, let me explain why I chose to name this weekly feature, “Beta.”

In the rock-climbing world Beta means information that helps you figure out the best route to climb up the rock. Rock climbing is problem solving, balance, technique and navigation in one.

Beta can come in many forms, such as guidebooks, observation of others and verbal instructions from others with a different vantage point. These concepts of rock-climbing Beta translate into life. We have a guidebook, we can watch others succeed or fail and we often need encouragement from others.

So…may these weekend posts help serve as a form of Beta for your life.

  • Marriage tip of the week comes from Pastor Mike Glenn – “Her most important need is security. Above all, she has to know she’s safe.”
  • Why are kids so spoiled? – From “The New Yorker,” an interesting article about allowing young children to share household responsibility
  • That person who irritates you most has the potential to cause you to grow the most in character – @RickWarren
  • “How Men Talk to their Wives on the Phone” VIDEO ­-
  • If you park like this, I’m totally revoking your man card –

Drawing a line around someone's car when the can't park in the lines

Who else is going to start carrying sidewalk chalk now?
  1. […] I post links to articles from around the “interwebs.” Learn why I chose the name Beta here. “Suffering makes the news, and the behaviors of men are at the center of most of the […]

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