Outdoor Deal of the Day – July 9

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Gear, Outdoor
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It’s like a zillion degrees in North Dakota right now, and you aren’t thinking about cold weather camping. But, even now, in July, at the Grand Canyon, the temps can dip into the 40s at night on the rim.

The last thing anyone wants to be when sleeping outdoors is cold. When I’m cold, I don’t sleep. And when I don’t sleep, I don’t have the energy for the high-endurance activities I like to do when out of the office.

I’m not going to lay out all my outdoor credentials today on why you should take ANY of my advice on outdoor gear, tricks or trips (I’ll do that some other time).

But, here’s one thing about me…I’m a gear snob. I like good gear because it works. And I’m also frugal.

So when I pull out my “Coleman” sleeping bag, I often get looks from people who think they are better than me because they spent an extra $100-$200. Then I sleep soundly like they do.

If you like to save money, here’s a Coleman 0-degree sleeping bag I found for less than $60.

To stay off the ground and dry, I use a short Thermarest and an extra-long REI waterproof bivy.

P.S. My dad once gave me a 40-year-old Coleman 3-burner stove and a real Coleman lantern. They still work. Until my Coleman sleeping system stops working, I’ll keep my extra cash, thank you very much.


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