One Question Wednesdays – July 11

Posted: July 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

What were some of your summer activities as a kid? Camping, swimming, fishing?



My 3-year-old’s tent.


  1. as a child in a large family of limited means, we were often left to our own devices to come up with play ideas, and there was never a shortage of imagination at play, then. Then, there were only three television stations to choose from. Back then, we were not inundated with video games or other modes of technology.

    Now, as my children are growing and I am attempting to push them towards the great outdoors -or anywhere devoid of a screen, I find that the children often need a little “nudging” to get their imaginations moving. Ideas include old checkbooks for them to play “bank” using their bicycles to ride through the drive-thru; lists for scavenger hunt ideas to be found around our house and on our neighborhood street; or simply moving the television (or a projector and sheet for the fence) outdoors for “movie night on the lawn.” The neighborhood children nearly always find themselves here in their pj’s and it’s a blast.

    When leaving the house for day-trip or vacation adventures, I like to use the “wacky state stops” websites and find crazy things to visit or stop and explore along the way elsewhere. Those stops are almost always the highlight of many trips, but for us the key is being willing to allow the hour to roam around and to not hurry to be anywhere at any particular time. Our camp trips have often been soaked with rain or bike rides result in bloody messes and cries yet we push onward and ultimately assign “theme names” to each of our little and big adventures. These theme names gives us laughs to these days as they help us to recall the great and the not-so-great portions of trips that reflect the emotions and pleasures of all we do.

    Have fun!

  2. Pat Palmer says:

    Ran barefoot, stepping on bees, racing on bicycles, chasing the dog. Played baseball in the cow pasture. Fished, swam, made lemonade.

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