Beta – Info for the #dadlife – July 27, 2012

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Beta, Fatherhood, Fun
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You think your dad was embarrassing? Check out this slideshow.

On Thursday night’s I’ve been trying to participate in #DadGames12 (Read more about that here). One thing I’ve found on their site is a ton of useful articles, here’s their 7 Ways to Connect with Your Kids. We do Nos. 1-3 every day, No. 5 not as often as we should, but I supplement by jumping on the bed. Nos. 4 & 6 weekly.

10 Things to Write in a Letter to Your Daughter from All-Pro Dad. What I really like about this list is No. 6. It encourages you to tell your children their stories. My mother had a tradition on my birthday. Every year she would tell me about the day I was born.

I also took some cues from a leader in my company and often tell my daughters, “You bring me great joy.”

In last week’s Beta, I linked to part 1 of Thom Rainer’s 12 Lessons of Fatherhood. Here’s the 2nd part in that series. Lesson No. 10 is a tough one for guys, but I’ve started saying, “Daddy was wrong. Jesus is right. I’m sorry that I…”

Author, speaker, professor, pastor and dad, Tony Merida, says, “the poorest of the poor are the fatherless,” in this news story about adoption. Adoption Shouldn’t be “Plan B.”

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