Outdoor deal of the day – July 30, 2012

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Gear, Outdoor
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Getting to many of the world’s most beautiful places more often than not requires hiking across uneven terrain and considerable distances. Personally, I’d like to save my knees (and health) for when I get older.

That’s why I use trekking poles when I go for more than a Sunday stroll through a local park.

Trekking poles help you have two more points of contact with the ground. On more than one occasion, my trekking poles saved me from a couple good falls, and at over 6-feet tall, my brain bucket would’ve taken some good blows.

They also help me hike faster. I’m able to use my arms to propel myself a few inches farther on every stride. These inches add up over a double-digit mileage day, meaning fewer steps, fewer jolts to the joints and more energy in the tank for other adventures or the next day’s distance.

If you’ve never used trekking poles, they take about 200 yards to get used to and a couple of miles before you are a master.

I found these Black Diamond trekking poles for $35.

These are adjustable for hiking up or downhill, collapsible for storage (works great on outside of pack) and can be used in all 4-seasons.

Even basic trekking poles for kids can cost $60. These are $45 cheaper than the lowest priced adult pair at a popular retail chain.

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