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This website said the worst new TV show is a sit-com about dads with babies. I’m glad to see stereotypes are breaking down in the media. It’s a good start to reversing the trend I talk about in a former post called, “Daddy Discrimination.”

From the guy who wrote the book Date Your Wife, Justin Buzzard – The Number One Way to Become a Better Leader

This Harvard Business Review post, “Are You Sure You Are Not a Bad Boss,” is directed toward leadership at work. But, good leadership principles apply at home too.

Guys are competitive by nature, but author and dad Rodney Wilson says we shouldn’t try to out-do our spouse. “The purpose of marriage is not to best your mate,” Wilson wrote in this article found on LifeWay’s website.

Here’s a new site someone sent me about being good stewards of our bodies. As parents, weight and bad health impact many areas of our parenting. Read Joshua’s “A Plea From the Fattest Guy in Church.”

“Rules without relationship always equals rebellion!” — John Croyle

Teaching my children is something I need help with. I know I’m teaching my children values, principles and stuff, but I lack the confidence in my teaching ability. This post was very helpful – 10 Tips for Better Teaching.

This is one the best leadership posts I’ve read. It should challenge you to study and know your family more. Ron Edmondson writes “One Secret to Leadership Success.”

Fatherhood Tip of the Week

Don’t do this… (well, maybe once!)

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  1. […] become life-long learners. This relates to an earlier article from Ron Edmondson I linked to in this Beta post. As a leader I’ve found that It’s much easier to educate a doer than it is to activate […]

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