Outdoor Links You’ll Like – August 21, 2012

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The coolest softball field ever!

Being an office dweller by day, I try to keep the grandeur of God in front of me. One way I do that is by having awesome desktop photos. Here’s one of my favorite sources – Awesome Grand Canyon photos

I don’t wear a watch, but if I did, I’d like it to be one of these bad boys – Watches Men Like

Wildfires have been wrecking the western states the last couple of years. Several deaths, lots of property loss and acreage burnt (Some from arson too).  But did you see this house that barely escaped the flames?

The coolest link of the week…Why Climbing Should be in the Olympics

Check this video of a New Mexican bear roaming through Angel Fire ski resort lobby.

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  1. jbussell says:

    That softball field is awesome! Sort of like Fenway’s Green Monster. Sort of…

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