Beta – Info for the #dadlife – Aug. 25

Posted: August 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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First, let me say thanks to all the readers of this blog. I really appreciate the visits, the comments and the opportunity to share a part of your day and life through this creative outlet.

If you are new to Learning to Lead, I post weekly links to parenting experts’ articles, and I call them Beta. Beta is a climbing term. Here was my first Beta post.

To be a wise person and leader you must keep yourself exposed to as many diverse sources of information as possible. — Rick Warren tweet

All Pro Dad always has informative, list-based articles. Check this one out – 5 Toughest Things for Children to Talk About with Their Parents

I couldn’t agree more with Eric Geiger on his recent post called Experiences Not Toys

Here are two fascinating health articles to read, which got me thinking more about my children’s diets.

  1. This is is from Fast Company–with a nice infographic–about the benefits of breakfast.
  2. This health article from The Atlantic discusses how immediate gratification can be a predictor of adult obesity.

As my children begin to age I am more and more intentional about sharing my faith in Jesus Christ with them. I found this article helpful, and I hope you do too.

This funny image below explains a lot these days…

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