Outdoor Links You’ll Like – Aug. 28

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Gear, Outdoor, Video
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Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to get in some miles before the cold weather and snow set in.

REI’s blog has a list of favorite fall hikes.

National Geographic Adventure blog outlines the quintessential Yosemite hike–the Mist Trail.

Some years ago I spent a few days hiking on a southern segment of the Appalachian Trail. I credit those few days with birthing my love for backpacking. Because prior to that, I had been burnt out on long-distance heavy-pack ruck sack marches in the Marines, and swore off backpacking as a hobby. While I have no plans to take 6-months off to thru-hike the AT, I have a great love for the protected, open spaces and hikers who do attempt a thru-hike. I found this article a nice overview of the Appalachian Trail since this year marks the 75th anniversary.

Reality show star, author and survival expert, Bear Grylls, recently went on camera to share his love of the outdoors and story of his faith in this short 700 Club video.

He says something I really like, paraphrasing here … “Adventure is more about the camaraderie and relationship bonds you make…”

Outdoor people are a breed of their own. It takes a special type of person to hear the Inner Canyon at Grand Canyon National Park calling, “Come down here,” or Mt. Rainer saying, “Come up here,” and then do it.

Speaking of special people…disabled veterans demonstrate their mettle and mental fortitude in this pair of Elevation Outdoors posts called “Coming Home to the Wild” and “What’s Your Excuse?” I’d love to be involved in some ministry to combat veterans one day.

Outside Magazine put together this list of gear needed for your next climbing project.

(Image credit – Trailspace.com)

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