Beta – info for the #dadlife – Sept 21

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Beta, Fatherhood, Fun, Video
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I took an unexpected blogging hiatus this past week. The weather has been incredible in middle Tennessee and my wife and I spent some time away celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

This piece by Mark Gungor is about laughter in your marriage. The story he tells is absolutely crazy. Check out his site for more info on his ministry. My wife and I sat through a few of his video classes once and they were helpful.

With kids, getting them to eat can be a struggle. I have a little game I play with kids where I take what they say and turn it into something funny about finishing their dinner or cleaning their plate. But, here’s another idea from a cool dad using comic book drawings.

Some real journalism in this piece, but something I’ve always wanted to know – How to throw like a girl (and a boy)

This week’s video mocks hyper-masculinity. Enjoy…


  1. This is fabulous! It’s my new favorite intro video to teach gender. hahaha

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