Outdoor Links You’ll Like – Oct 3

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Gear, Outdoor
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A large collection of groups were lobbying to build roads for logging and such in National Forests. Well, they lost. Here’s the story from Adventure Journal.

Want to find the best places to look at the fall colors? This USA Today story should give you a few ideas near-ish you – Leaf Peeping in National Parks.

LL Bean has this gear giveaway going on. Just describe the adventure you’ve always wanted to take and they’ll outfit you. Everyday it looks like they are giving away $500 in gear. More details here.

It’s often said by adventurers that the unexpected issues you deal with build camaraderie and are the memories you keep. Take this for example, do you remember that scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles where Steve Martin and John Candy spoon in bed? This alpine climber talks about how to bivy overnight on the side of a mountain in this Outside piece.

For the numbers guys out there, here is a detailed post from Outside about climbing injuries and deaths.

For those who are into climbing…check out this cool profile piece on what some would call a career “dirtbag.” (In climbing, that’s like a status or desirable title.)


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