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This week’s overused word is…Polar Vortex. It was not warm for those in SoCal or Key West. But hey, it led to some great photography, especially these of Niagara Falls.

I once burned a large lot and thought we were going to have to pay, but this is scary. The U.S. Forest Service wants a 77-year-old Wyoming man to pay $6.3 million for a 2012 forest fire the man allegedly started by burning twigs in a barrel. Read the full story on (I didn’t know that was still a site).

Sticking with the outdoor flow, blogger Ryan Grayson has one of the most informative articles on backpacking food that I’ve come across. He put a lot of thought and effort into this post

chuckpunch1Guy I’d Like to Punch in the Face Award goes to a Nashville jerk who was charged with aggravated child abuse after police found a 6-year-old girl suffering from serious burns.

“Unplugging” is a new word and a new thing. Here Mika from Morning Joe on MSNBC talks about the power of addiction to her phone. I urge men to take charge of their life and not let anything take charge of them. Moderation is key. Extremes are typically evil.

Speaking of extremes…this couple in their 60s ran a marathon (26 miles) every day for 366 days…in a row. That would take one large car for all those annoying stickers.


Today’s Beta could be called “practice what you preach.” There’s always room for improvement in these categories.

6 Simple Rituals to Reach Your Potential Every Day by Fast Company. I really needed this list. I’ve needed a bit of motivation in my personal disciplines lately.

Here’s something I really need help with. This article, Men, Don’t Stop Dating Your Wife by Eric Geiger, was a direct hit.

Articles like this are instructive to me –  Understanding How Children Develop Empathy by the New York Times.

Sexual Freedom Always Curtails Other Freedoms by Trevin Wax is not what you think. Trevin talks about men exhibiting emotions and affection toward one another in a manly way. It’s an interesting piece about how perversion in culture can skew reality.

A Star-Tribune columnist talks about the difficulties of waiting to have children in this piece. If I live long enough, I’ll be at least 51 when my youngest learns to drive, 53 when she leaves high school, 55 when she graduates college. It could be another 10 years before she has kids. What about you?

Tough story to watch here, but it ends well.  An inmate finds out his baby momma was murdered after reading the newspaper. See the restoration that happens next –

Guys, you’ll never jump from space, but you can still live an awesome life. Read this post from my friend Dan Kassis called, The Baumgartner Effect.

One way to lead your family is through intentional prayer. Third Option Men asks, Are you a Prayer Wimp?

With election season upon us, one element missing from the discussion is fatherhood. In this All Pro Dad post, Tony Dungy asks for your signature to change that. Sign Coach’s petition today. It takes two minutes.

I have several friends with multiple sons and no daughters, so this link is with them in mind. Check out this advice for raising boys.

SUPER FUNNY VIDEO (that’s why it’s in all caps).

For the geek dads out there

This week’s Beta is a mish-mash of powerful writing, tips and inspiration.

First, David Brooks from the New York Times writes a pretty compelling piece about the war between the sexes in Why Men Fail. I’m open for discussion about this topic. My Facebook wall gets pretty heated with this topic.

Next, as a dad with two kids now, I’m beginning to enjoy different personalities. Focus on the Family has a great series about parenting and personalities. Here’s one of the articles that hit home for me – When Personality Differences Lead to Difficulties.

Earlier on the blog I asked, Dads, what are you doing to protect your kids? Here’s a helpful list from All Pro Dad about protecting your children from pedophile.

This post had me from the headline. I’m no fan of deadbeat dads or Daddy Discrimination – Lessons from Daddyhood: Dads Expected to Keep Their Children.

Diet and nutrition are important for kids, not just athletes or avid outdoorsmen. Learn how to feed good snacks to your kids with this link – Snacking Outside the Box.

This little guy is in a wheelchair. Here’s how his parents dressed him up for trick-or-treating. How are you going to make memories with your kids over the upcoming holidays?

I took an unexpected blogging hiatus this past week. The weather has been incredible in middle Tennessee and my wife and I spent some time away celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

This piece by Mark Gungor is about laughter in your marriage. The story he tells is absolutely crazy. Check out his site for more info on his ministry. My wife and I sat through a few of his video classes once and they were helpful.

With kids, getting them to eat can be a struggle. I have a little game I play with kids where I take what they say and turn it into something funny about finishing their dinner or cleaning their plate. But, here’s another idea from a cool dad using comic book drawings.

Some real journalism in this piece, but something I’ve always wanted to know – How to throw like a girl (and a boy)

This week’s video mocks hyper-masculinity. Enjoy…


This week’s Beta is heavy (minus the video). You’ve got stats, sound advice and a three lists of pragmatic next steps.

First, here’s a stout case for traditional marriage and traditional families – Marriage is the Answer to Poverty.

Focus on the Family is a solid ministry with great, practical advice. I think there are some points in this list for every parent – A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents. Many of the items are spot-on for this generation’s helicopter parents, especially Nos. 6 and 7. No. 8 is a biggie for those OCD-type parents.

Brandon A. Cox puts forth 10 Tough Words for Men. I think this list is helpful and balanced for today’s man.

Here are Six Gifts Your Kids Need From You from Intentionality is an unspoken theme in this post. I love what it says in No. 4…

A father is without question the single most significant influence on the spiritual life of his children. The statistical data from three major studies in recent years is overwhelming. If the father is involved in a church and is growing spiritually, the likelihood of the child doing the same skyrockets. If Mom goes to church alone with the kids, the chances plummet.

Continuing with a dad’s influence in the home, this post from The National Fatherhood initiative lists tons of helpful stats for those leading other men, pastors, mentors, foster parents, etc. See Consequences of Father Absence Statistics.

For those who don’t know me personally, I serve in the area of media. I’ve worked in many areas in newspaper, radio and TV.

This video is pretty accurate as to how TV really works!

There are some doozies on this list of 12 Questions for Fathers from @PastorBreaz. Which one is most challenging for you? Is it No. 2 or No. 5?

Another helpful read about seven traits of a godly man. Which one is your strongest trait?

A National Institute of Health confirmed that sexual images lead to earlier sexual behavior in kids in this Baptist Press article by Erin Roach.

Focus on the Family has great series of articles for parenting and other family ministry areas. Here’s one about helping your children become life-long learners. This relates to an earlier article from Ron Edmondson I linked to in this Beta post.

As a leader I’ve found that It’s much easier to educate a doer than it is to activate a thinker. –Andy Stanley

Good news from The New York Times (I think), Dads are Taking Over as Full Time Parents.

Since some ladies read this blog. The following message (below) is a public service announcement from the men of America…