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What 7-year-old boy would want this?

The Swedish have lost their minds.

They are so scared of “boys being boys” that they forced the Swedish “Toys R Us” to create a gender-neutral toy catalogue.

This government-forced marketing device shows boys playing with dolls and girls playing with dumptrucks. Check it out for yourself here.

The Atlantic has a disturbing piece about the Swede’s overboard gender-equality crusade, called “You Can Give a Boy a Doll, But You Can’t Make Him Play With It.”

Below are a few product shots. Captions are mine.


This guy looks like he’s about to shove the whole Barbie house over.

That hair dryer is likely to become a pistol and that beauty belt holds all his crime-fighting tools.

That hair dryer is likely to become a pistol and that beauty belt holds all his crime-fighting tools.



Every November, men across the country, grow out their mustaches for men’s health awareness as part of a promotion called Movember. Several of my close friends eagerly embrace this tradition.

But, now that it’s December, what’s a brother to do with that manly display of facial hair?

This hilariously entertaining video has many tips on How to Kill a Mustache.


Here’s a fun short story from about a hiker who finds a note on a mountaintop from 1972. A newspaper reporter located the writer too.

Top 10 Best Road Trip Albums by Outside Magazine. I can’t believe a Garth Brooks album isn’t on here. What album would you include? (Comment below please).

I enjoyed reading this cool profile of a guidebook author and mother, who is now a Granny hiker. Be sure and check out her helpful list of trail tips when hiking with kids in this Backpacker article.

Google’s Streetview goes into the Grand Canyon. Here’s a great NPR story I heard this morning from All Tech Considered.

Gimp Monkeys. Three really funny, disabled guys rock climb the most famous granite rock wall on the planet in this piece from The video is below.

For the geek dads out there

This week’s Beta is a mish-mash of powerful writing, tips and inspiration.

First, David Brooks from the New York Times writes a pretty compelling piece about the war between the sexes in Why Men Fail. I’m open for discussion about this topic. My Facebook wall gets pretty heated with this topic.

Next, as a dad with two kids now, I’m beginning to enjoy different personalities. Focus on the Family has a great series about parenting and personalities. Here’s one of the articles that hit home for me – When Personality Differences Lead to Difficulties.

Earlier on the blog I asked, Dads, what are you doing to protect your kids? Here’s a helpful list from All Pro Dad about protecting your children from pedophile.

This post had me from the headline. I’m no fan of deadbeat dads or Daddy Discrimination – Lessons from Daddyhood: Dads Expected to Keep Their Children.

Diet and nutrition are important for kids, not just athletes or avid outdoorsmen. Learn how to feed good snacks to your kids with this link – Snacking Outside the Box.

This little guy is in a wheelchair. Here’s how his parents dressed him up for trick-or-treating. How are you going to make memories with your kids over the upcoming holidays?

I took an unexpected blogging hiatus this past week. The weather has been incredible in middle Tennessee and my wife and I spent some time away celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

This piece by Mark Gungor is about laughter in your marriage. The story he tells is absolutely crazy. Check out his site for more info on his ministry. My wife and I sat through a few of his video classes once and they were helpful.

With kids, getting them to eat can be a struggle. I have a little game I play with kids where I take what they say and turn it into something funny about finishing their dinner or cleaning their plate. But, here’s another idea from a cool dad using comic book drawings.

Some real journalism in this piece, but something I’ve always wanted to know – How to throw like a girl (and a boy)

This week’s video mocks hyper-masculinity. Enjoy…


This week’s Beta is heavy (minus the video). You’ve got stats, sound advice and a three lists of pragmatic next steps.

First, here’s a stout case for traditional marriage and traditional families – Marriage is the Answer to Poverty.

Focus on the Family is a solid ministry with great, practical advice. I think there are some points in this list for every parent – A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents. Many of the items are spot-on for this generation’s helicopter parents, especially Nos. 6 and 7. No. 8 is a biggie for those OCD-type parents.

Brandon A. Cox puts forth 10 Tough Words for Men. I think this list is helpful and balanced for today’s man.

Here are Six Gifts Your Kids Need From You from Intentionality is an unspoken theme in this post. I love what it says in No. 4…

A father is without question the single most significant influence on the spiritual life of his children. The statistical data from three major studies in recent years is overwhelming. If the father is involved in a church and is growing spiritually, the likelihood of the child doing the same skyrockets. If Mom goes to church alone with the kids, the chances plummet.

Continuing with a dad’s influence in the home, this post from The National Fatherhood initiative lists tons of helpful stats for those leading other men, pastors, mentors, foster parents, etc. See Consequences of Father Absence Statistics.

For those who don’t know me personally, I serve in the area of media. I’ve worked in many areas in newspaper, radio and TV.

This video is pretty accurate as to how TV really works!

Cloud Machines

Recently, I sat down with a 3-year-old to discuss some important issues. It’s interesting how she understands basic abstracts. Let’s get started…

LtL: What’s your name?

I have food in my mouth. 

LtL: What’s your name?

My name is Anna Kate.

LtL: How old are you?

I’m eating. (Pause) Three.

LtL: What’s your favorite toy?

A Plex doll. It’s this tiny little robot who can sleep in my bed. 

LtL: What is Yo Gabba Gabba?

A TV show. A cartoon.

LtL: Who is your favorite friend?

I think…Bailee.

LtL: Why is Bailee your favorite friend?

Because I love her and she “dos” a race. (We recently attended a cross-country race to cheer Bailee).

LtL: What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?

Go to Monkey Joe’s.

LtL: What is Monkey Joe’s?

It’s where the bounce houses are and you get a free toy. Whenever you get a toy, you go home.

LtL: What is your favorite thing to do with mommy?


LtL: What’s your favorite snack?

Strawberries and blueberries and yogurt.

LtL: Now for some tougher ones. Where do babies come from?

Momma’s chest.

LtL: What does it mean to be married?

I don’t know. Like Eric and Tiffany. And Mommy and Daddy.

LtL: What do you know about God? Who made the world?

Jesus did.

LtL: Who is Jesus?

A person.

LtL: What kind of person?

One time we saw someone dressed up like him.

LtL: What did Jesus do for us?

He died on the cross.

LtL: Why did he do that?

Because He loves us.

LtL: What happened because He died on the cross? What did He take away?

Our bad things.

LtL: What kind of bad things?

That we say and do. 


Why did He have blood on Him? 

LtL: Because people were mean to Him.

Did He get hurt? 

LtL: Yes.

Where did He get hurt at?

LtL: On His head, on His back, on His side. They put a crown of thorns on His head. They were making fun of Him saying that He wasn’t a king, but He’s the king of the whole universe.

Jesus got whipped on His back. Like He got a spanking for us. Like a bad spanking. He took those stripes for us as punishment. They poked His side with a spear.

Then they put these nails through His hands and feet and they nailed Him to a cross. On like a tree.

(Long pause) Awwww.

LtL: He took a bunch of boo-boos for you.

LtL: What do you know about rainbows?

God made them.

LtL: Yup. Where do clouds come from?

From machines.

LtL: What kind of machines? 

Cloud machines. Someone’s gonna work on the cloud machines in Tennessee. Do you know his name?

LtL: I think it’s called TVA.

Uh-uh. We saw Linda. She has a husband named Mike who works on the cloud machines in Tennessee.

LtL: I wondered where this story was going.