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Here’s a fun short story from about a hiker who finds a note on a mountaintop from 1972. A newspaper reporter located the writer too.

Top 10 Best Road Trip Albums by Outside Magazine. I can’t believe a Garth Brooks album isn’t on here. What album would you include? (Comment below please).

I enjoyed reading this cool profile of a guidebook author and mother, who is now a Granny hiker. Be sure and check out her helpful list of trail tips when hiking with kids in this Backpacker article.

Google’s Streetview goes into the Grand Canyon. Here’s a great NPR story I heard this morning from All Tech Considered.

Gimp Monkeys. Three really funny, disabled guys rock climb the most famous granite rock wall on the planet in this piece from The video is below.


Fall is finally here!

It’s time to log some miles on the trails. Wildlife is stirring, storing for the winter. Many birds are migrating. Snow is falling in the high country and the foliage is changing.

Backpacking or hiking in the cooler temps is my favorite (next to smiling, of course).

When asked about why I love to hike, I often respond “the views.”

The physical challenge is bleh and the conquering drive to join some “14-er” club is just not in me. I like to look out and see the scope of the world I live in. I like to soak in the warm, fall sun and not get in a hurry. I like to see how small I am in comparison to the rest of God’s creation. And, if it’s going to be a butt-kicking hike, I enjoy training so that I’m not dead when I get to the lookout.

One of those places I want to enjoy before dying is the John Muir Trail or JMT. Here’s a trailer from a JMT documentary in progress, appropriately called, The Muir Project.

Speaking of great scenery. What a spectacular view in Grand Teton National Park in this shot!

Sneak peak at an ultralight backpack from Gear Junkie.

REI is always a helpful source. Here’s an infographic about scenic U.S. trails and the “10 Essentials.”

Hiking the Beautiful USA: US National Scenic Trails Map

Looking for some advice on getting started hiking or backpacking?

Try Backpacking 101: Wilderness Class with Andrew Skurka

Here’s also a good resource to consider…


The election is coming up, so here are a couple of links that might interest those politically-minded outdoor enthusiasts…

Disabled doesn’t mean incapable. Archery with no arms – Armless American archer wins silver at paralympics.

As a former white water rafting guide (for one season), I know how much it takes to safely navigate some rapids. But rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon before it was dammed with one-arm in a wooden boat would be intimidating. Read this Adventure Journal piece on John Wesley Powell.

Speaking of rivers…what’s America’s best river town? See what online voters chose in this Outside Magazine poll.

Fall is hiking/camping/backpacking time, so be careful and remember to do the “right things.” They can help keep you alive. See what one injured hiker did to stay alive.

Below, see a great road trip infographic about the 10 Most Beautifully Challenging Highways in America from

Crazy-looking (atypical) deer my nephew killed with a bow.

If I lived anywhere near these trees, they would be toast. (I hate spiders) – Pakistan Picture – Nature Photo – National Geographic Photo of the Day.

I’ve always been fascinated with Mt. Everest base camp.Yes, I wrote base camp. I could care less about the mountain that people worship. I would be more interested in spending a few days observing the freakish sub-culture and chaos at base camp. Here’s a candid look from Adventure Blog.

Doping, performance-enhancing drugs, cheating, etc. A former Lance Armstrong teammate is releasing a tell-all book about the U.S. Postal team. Read this revealing piece from Outside magazine (who is no friend of Armstrong).

Here’s another from Outside’s Raising Rippers about taking a baby on a river trip. It’s a slow read, like the float trip they were on, but full of mothering anxiety and outdoor “unknownness.”

What’s a blog without some good infographics?

10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping from REI (below)…

Tents Infographic: 10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping

Check out REI’s wide selection of tents


Fall is just around the corner, so it’s time to get in some miles before the cold weather and snow set in.

REI’s blog has a list of favorite fall hikes.

National Geographic Adventure blog outlines the quintessential Yosemite hike–the Mist Trail.

Some years ago I spent a few days hiking on a southern segment of the Appalachian Trail. I credit those few days with birthing my love for backpacking. Because prior to that, I had been burnt out on long-distance heavy-pack ruck sack marches in the Marines, and swore off backpacking as a hobby. While I have no plans to take 6-months off to thru-hike the AT, I have a great love for the protected, open spaces and hikers who do attempt a thru-hike. I found this article a nice overview of the Appalachian Trail since this year marks the 75th anniversary.

Reality show star, author and survival expert, Bear Grylls, recently went on camera to share his love of the outdoors and story of his faith in this short 700 Club video.

He says something I really like, paraphrasing here … “Adventure is more about the camaraderie and relationship bonds you make…”

Outdoor people are a breed of their own. It takes a special type of person to hear the Inner Canyon at Grand Canyon National Park calling, “Come down here,” or Mt. Rainer saying, “Come up here,” and then do it.

Speaking of special people…disabled veterans demonstrate their mettle and mental fortitude in this pair of Elevation Outdoors posts called “Coming Home to the Wild” and “What’s Your Excuse?” I’d love to be involved in some ministry to combat veterans one day.

Outside Magazine put together this list of gear needed for your next climbing project.

(Image credit –

The coolest softball field ever!

Being an office dweller by day, I try to keep the grandeur of God in front of me. One way I do that is by having awesome desktop photos. Here’s one of my favorite sources – Awesome Grand Canyon photos

I don’t wear a watch, but if I did, I’d like it to be one of these bad boys – Watches Men Like

Wildfires have been wrecking the western states the last couple of years. Several deaths, lots of property loss and acreage burnt (Some from arson too).  But did you see this house that barely escaped the flames?

The coolest link of the week…Why Climbing Should be in the Olympics

Check this video of a New Mexican bear roaming through Angel Fire ski resort lobby.

Image Credit

Sometimes when I adventure outdoors, I have fun by experimenting with survival tips and tricks, like building fires, shelters, etc.

Most of the tips I’ve learned come from reading websites, forums and books, not from watching reality TV shows.

This survival handbook from U.S. Navy Seals would be a great gift for the man in your life.

P.S. I’m not hinting because my anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.