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Behind the Wheel of Death

Posted: January 7, 2014 in opinion
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Cars are like slow, powerful bullets.

Who would get on a trampoline with someone who had loaded weapon in their hand with the safety clicked off? That’s idiocy.

But everyday we get on the road with people driving dangerously, taking risks and neglecting to care for themselves and others. And I absolutely hate that my daily drive in to work is the most dangerous thing I’ll ever do.

It’s striking the power other people can have over your life. Their Facebook post, their text or tweet, their love of liquor or just their desire to drive faster than you could keep you from going home to your spouse and kids today.

Here in Tennessee alone, there have been eight people killed in car crashes by the time of this posting on Jan. 7th. That’s eight people in seven days. Last year, nearly 1,000 died on Tennessee’s roads. How many of these “accidental” deaths were preventable?

We all mistakes, myself included. Sometimes we make mistakes while driving. And here’s an ad from New Zealand that is just WOW…


For the geek dads out there

This week’s Beta is a mish-mash of powerful writing, tips and inspiration.

First, David Brooks from the New York Times writes a pretty compelling piece about the war between the sexes in Why Men Fail. I’m open for discussion about this topic. My Facebook wall gets pretty heated with this topic.

Next, as a dad with two kids now, I’m beginning to enjoy different personalities. Focus on the Family has a great series about parenting and personalities. Here’s one of the articles that hit home for me – When Personality Differences Lead to Difficulties.

Earlier on the blog I asked, Dads, what are you doing to protect your kids? Here’s a helpful list from All Pro Dad about protecting your children from pedophile.

This post had me from the headline. I’m no fan of deadbeat dads or Daddy Discrimination – Lessons from Daddyhood: Dads Expected to Keep Their Children.

Diet and nutrition are important for kids, not just athletes or avid outdoorsmen. Learn how to feed good snacks to your kids with this link – Snacking Outside the Box.

This little guy is in a wheelchair. Here’s how his parents dressed him up for trick-or-treating. How are you going to make memories with your kids over the upcoming holidays?