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This week’s overused word is…Polar Vortex. It was not warm for those in SoCal or Key West. But hey, it led to some great photography, especially these of Niagara Falls.

I once burned a large lot and thought we were going to have to pay, but this is scary. The U.S. Forest Service wants a 77-year-old Wyoming man to pay $6.3 million for a 2012 forest fire the man allegedly started by burning twigs in a barrel. Read the full story on (I didn’t know that was still a site).

Sticking with the outdoor flow, blogger Ryan Grayson has one of the most informative articles on backpacking food that I’ve come across. He put a lot of thought and effort into this post

chuckpunch1Guy I’d Like to Punch in the Face Award goes to a Nashville jerk who was charged with aggravated child abuse after police found a 6-year-old girl suffering from serious burns.

“Unplugging” is a new word and a new thing. Here Mika from Morning Joe on MSNBC talks about the power of addiction to her phone. I urge men to take charge of their life and not let anything take charge of them. Moderation is key. Extremes are typically evil.

Speaking of extremes…this couple in their 60s ran a marathon (26 miles) every day for 366 days…in a row. That would take one large car for all those annoying stickers.